Krav Maga New York Crash Boot Camp Fitness Method is based on the rigorous training techniques currently offered to only the elite units of the Israeli Defense Force. By combining unique elements, movements and techniques of martial arts, Judo, Jujitsu and other self-defense Methods, Daniel Elyashiv has designed a curriculum of Krav Maga teaching for students to achieve the ultimate mind over matter experience by conquering conditions of stress and exhaustion to achieve the objective.  Our motto is minimum movement, maximum damage.

At Krav Maga Crash, we offer a welcoming training environment across New York City.   Our courses attract individuals across all training levels who are looking for a community and an opportunity for self-growth in learning Krav Maga.  The Krav Maga Crash community is supportive, fun and motivational.

We offer a more personal experience, catered to your specific needs and goals. Krav Maga Crash is a place where we know all of our member’s names and unique stories that brought them to Krav Maga Crash. 

Check out VICE’s piece on Krav Maga Crash and Founder, Daniel Elyashiv.


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