Daniel Elyshiv is a former IDF Counter Terrorism School Chief Instructor. He is one of a select few that has studied Krav Maga with the Masters and is the ONLY instructor who has experienced first hand the effects in field of battle. Daniel served as the Chief of the Counter Terrorism Division in his unit, YAHALOM(word is a wikipedia link), an Elite Special Task Force of the Engineering Corps. As Chief, Daniel trained hundreds of soldiers in Krav Maga, the psychology of attackers, and how to effectively protect themselves, both on the battlefield and in everyday situations.

Daniel’s success and efforts won him recognition with the State of Israel when he was inducted into the Yahalom Hall of Fame during his service. Daniel has also received numerous Medals of Honor from the IDF, including recognition of his contributions in his effective training and new design of Krav Maga.

Daniel has used his military success and first hand knowledge into building a curriculum for the civilian world.