Instructor Training

Instructor Course Information



- Personal evaluation from Daniel Elyashiv

- Participation in Basic Instructor Course Training Programs

- Complete 60 hours of supervised teaching under Daniel

- Active training and re-evaluation with Daniel


We offer Basic Instructor Training and a series of specialized and advanced instructor trainings.

Krav Maga Kids


Our Krav Maga Kids program is designed to build your child’s confidence and awareness by advancing team work and leadership skills.  A key component of our kids program is personal development through self-defense and our proven belt curriculum tailored to your child’s strengths. Every lesson plan focuses on learning and improvement while helping to improve others.  Our Krav Maga Kids also have the opportunity to join the Krav Maga family as assistant instructors.


Our commitment to children is also demonstrated with our planned partnership to promote and work with the Department of Education BRIDGE-IT anti-bullying initiative. (LINK HERE?)


 Our Krav Maga Kids Classes are designed for children between the ages 5-12, classes per age group.

Women’s Krav Maga


Our Women’s Krav Maga course combines psychological awareness and physical training.  Self-defense works, and our focus on assertiveness, safety strategies and physical techniques enables a successful escape, resisting and survival.  We work on all angles on interrupting attacks. This training specializes in effective defenses with simulation exercises against larger attackers.


Our commitment to women is also demonstrated with our partnership and work with the Women’s Hadassah Organization.  We have lectured and held workshops specifically designed for women. 

Military and Law Enforcement


Our professional services are available for training Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers


Our Military and Law Enforcement/Corrections Officer training combines self-defense techniques with a unique emphasis on communication, decision making skills under pressure, and safe restraint neutralization tactics. This training specializes in effective knife and gun defense with simulation exercises.  


DEKM offers discounts to all law enforcement and corrections officers.